Welcome to the gallery page. Here you will find selected pieces chosen as examples of the work I do. Please note that only the items featured on the "Shop" page are currently available for purchase. Special requests can be made for work to be printed and sold through the "Commissions" page if you would like a print or poster made of the items shown here. Please carefully read the guidelines for commissions before requesting an order.


original Work

Storyboards: Student Work

“Powerpuff Girls” series Student Work created during an in class assignment at scad. “The Powerpuff Girls” Series is Created by Craig McCracken and produced by Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network. Distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution. disclaimer: I do not own the powerpuff girls.

character Designs

Figure Drawings


Action Drawings

Sketches and Doodles


Design: Color Studies Student Work

Anthromorphic Animal Bar SEries

© Benjamin A.J. Green


beasts series

© Benjamin A.J. Green


Anthropomorphic Animals Cont.

© Benjamin A.J. Green