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Please read through all the guidelines and information below prior to sending a commission request.


Requesting a commission is very simple. Just fill out the form with the following details included in your message and we'll begin a dialogue to discuss the details of your commission (it's that easy!):

1. The medium/materials you'd like me to use in the piece. Is it an animated piece? A Drawing? Painting?

2. Size (if applicable). Please note that canvases and larger drawings may be more expensive as they are more difficult to ship.

3. Subject matter and references. If there's a photo or image you'd like me to use to make the piece, please include that as an attachment: jpegs, pdfs, and word documents only please. If there is an alternate file type I may not be able to open it on my computer.

4. Any other details you feel are important to include in the piece.

5. Animation Pieces:


Depending on the length, animation pieces can take anywhere from 2 months to a year. Short pieces (up to 3 minutes) take about 2-3 months. This is because I am drawing the frames by hand and I want to do a quality job on each detail. Medium length pieces can take up to 6 months approximately (4-10 minutes). Anything longer can take a year or more to complete. Again, this is because I like to make sure the piece is high quality and I pay close attention to detail. For sample pieces please see my "Animation" page.



So you have chosen to request a commission and first I want to thank you. Commissions are a great way for me to explore new work or make printed copies of my work to share with you and for that I am grateful.

Before you fill out the form above, please read through the instructions above and the guidelines below to ensure we both have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Gallery Page: The items on the gallery page are for display and portfolio purposes and therefore are not immediately available as stock prints. The prints available in stock for purchase are displayed on the "Shop" page. If you would like a print of any of the pieces not available in the shop you can request a commission order. Refer to the guidelines on timing below for shipping dates.

Original Art Pieces: My work is like a member of my family. Consider asking me for an art piece the way you would ask about adopting a pet. Your pets are your family. So when you are asking me to give you an art piece, especially an original one, you are asking me to share my family. Original art pieces are also often done on material that requires extra time and care to package and ship because I care about the work I am sending. For this reason I am asking that all requests for original work sign a contract agreeing to Creative Commons License I have chosen and to accept the timeline provided upon receipt of the order request. 

The timeline (subject to change based on the specific piece) is as follows:

1-5 days time to gather all the details needed for the order (ie address, payment, etc).

5-7 days from the confirmation of details to package and prepare the work. This includes time to process payments.

1-3 weeks to ship the items. Depending on the courier it can be faster or slower.

If you are requesting an item from the gallery to be printed custom for your order, please allow an additional 1-7 days time to have the work printed.

For custom artwork requests: Please add the following timelines to the above time frames for creation of the work you have commissioned:

Small Drawing: 1-4 weeks

Medium Drawing: 2-6 weeks

Large Drawing: 1-3 months.



Small: 1-3 months

Medium: 3-5 months

Large Painting: 6 months.


International Shipping: Do I ship internationally? Yes, however, I ask that if you are requesting an international order that includes heavy work you plan for  minimum 2-6 week shipping time frame. International shipping will require time for customs clearance and for arranging for a courier who can ship internationally. For transferring of payment purposes, please allow 1 week to process international payments.


These times are general and will change depending on how many requests I have received and the complexity of the piece. Sizes depend on dimensions and a size/time frame will be assignment at the beginning of the order process.


Creative Commons Licensing: By purchasing my work you are agreeing to follow the guidelines for the work under Creative Commons License "Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial, No Derivatives 4.0 International". If you have a specific request to use my work you must gain explicit permissions from me. All work will be stamped with the CCL reference number on the back.